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UI/UX Design

A potential workflow example

A company is creating a new web application: A problem to be solved and a vision for the project have already been defined and marketing research has been done to identify potential customers.

The UX work begins with some user research: looking at the market and what is unique about those users. User profiles are created to represent typical users of the application and then tested against actual user data.

The UX designer then creates user stories, based on the goals and needs of the users identified in the profiles. These are then built into user flows (diagrams of how the user will interact with the application).

The UX designer will then create some low-fidelity wire frames to indicate where functionality fits in the application and how the user will interact with it. These designs will be user tested and iterated many times.

Now, the UI designer comes in to work on the actual screen design, determining layout, look and feel and use of branding. The output will be high-fidelity mock-ups and a style-guide.

The UX and UI designers will work together to finish the design and continue testing until a suitable final product has been created.

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