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PHP Training

PHP gives you the tools to add e-commerce capabilities to a website. It also allows you to take advantage of social media concepts such as blogging, bookmarking and other communication functions. This means, in 2016, it’s absolutely critical that any web developer has a solid understanding of PHP.

  • At the end of this online course, you will learn
  • PHP to add simple scripts to your websites
  • Custom scripts like an HTML templating system,
  • Contact us forms and shopping carts
  • How to connect your web site into a MySQL database.
  • Skills to manage the MySQL DB from configuration to performance tuning and trouble shooting.

Facilities to Students

  • Online Interactive Classes
  • Flexible Timings
  • Basics and Advanced Applications
  • Course Covered with Live Project

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certification on php mysql

PHP Certification Importance

Why PHP Certification Important?

The main benefit of holding a PHP certification is to become recognized as a top notch PHP developer and achieve a stamp of approval that demonstrates your knowledge of this widely used web programming language.
You could show them some PHP applications you have produced, or the courses you’ve been on.By having a recognized certificate, it will prove that you are a capable PHP developer.

Becoming a certified PHP developer won’t instantly make you a better developer, but you may certainly expand your knowledge of PHP whilst training for the exam.

Career Benefits

  • Prove your abilities to potential clients and employers
  • Stand out amongst competitors when looking for a new job
  • Increase your value ready for your next salary review
  • Get your CV/Resume noticed
  • Find out whether your PHP skills are up to scratch
  • Become a recognized and proud supporter of PHP
  • Expand your knowledge for the PHP certification exam

What Knowledge will I need?

As well as PHP you will need some knowledge in :

  • SQL ,MySQL
  • Web administration
  • XML

Where can I get PHP certified?

  • Zend Certification
  • W3Schools Certification

All The Best …

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