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What is Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications.
  • It contains HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

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Bootstrap Online training and Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 online training courses in Hyderabad.

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Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for creating web and user interface components like Forms, Modals, Accordion, Carousel, Tabs and so on.Learn the tips and techniques of the latest Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 framework through Online Training in simple and easy steps and create your own responsive website with much less effort. we will learn how to make our own responsive WordPress theme using Bootstrap.

The biggest advantage of using Bootstrap is that it comes with free set of tools for creating flexible and responsive web layouts as well as common interface components.

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